Wedding Favor Ideas – Coaster Wedding Favors

To commemorate a nuptial can just be accomplished with wedding favors alone. An excellent selection of memorabilia gives a very long lasting impression to the big day guests of yours. There are plenty of wedding favors we have today. One of the more popular choices is coaster favors. The following are some you might think about choosing from:

“With This Ring” Personalized Stackable Glass Coasters Wedding Favors. This wise tray set celebrates the nuptials of yours with stunning graphics of an engagement ring along with a wedding band! Both glass mats include plastic-made “feet” to safeguard surfaces, so the pair of 2 tray huge day favors is provided at a contemporary, black colored gift box which has a flip up cover that reveals the paper tray set by way of a distinct display window. Gift package accents add a shiny, white grosgrain ribbon & bow, together with the wedding coasters. The visitors of yours are amazed and thrilled whenever you show these nice tray sets as the nuptial souvenirs of theirs. Ideal for an engagement gathering, the nuptial reception of yours, or maybe a bachelorette party, these beautiful mat sets produce distinct favors which are useful and utterly memorable.

Personalized Natural Bamboo Eco Friendly Coaster Favors. Bamboo is believed to be luckiest when it has received as a present, and that helps make these Personalized Natural Bamboo Eco Friendly Coaster Sets perfect as “green” wedding souvenirs for the visitors of yours! Each nuptial favor set consists of 4 bamboo trays packed in a bamboo green, die cut, picture window gift box that includes subtle bamboo layout, an all natural raffia tie, along with a matching round “For You” tag. These environmentally conscious major day favors provide the visitors of yours functional accessories which graciously accent any decor, protecting furniture from beverages while including a particular look to the houses of theirs. The guests of yours are going to appreciate these attractive and thoughtful bamboo mat set favors!

Personalized “Imperial” Exquisite Glass Photo Coasters Wedding Favors. Add rich decadence to the event with gorgeous Personalized “Imperial” Exquisite Glass Photo Coaster Wedding Favors! Packaged in pairs, these stylish picture trays are adorned with a complicated design of deep burgundy and yellow. The middle square has parchment paper like insert that reads, “For You.” Additional features normally include safety foot to shield surfaces. These trays are gift boxed in a pair of 2 and accented with a gold bow and ribbon. These magnificent picture mats could be utilized as place card holders so when nuptial favors for the visitors of yours, letting them collect a touch of your lavish huge day decor to show in the houses of theirs. When sending your thank you notes, make sure and include a little picture out of your big day reception to adorn these beautiful picture tray favors!